Given the technological discontinuity that affects the management tool of the Public Procurement Services Platform, it is necessary to use it through a portable browser that must be downloaded locally and run to access to manage the publications in the profile of contractor.

How to download the drinking browser?

Accessing the PSCP management tool through EACAT will open the courtesy page where you will find the executable file “pscp.exe” , certified by the Cybersecurity Agency of Catalonia to allow you to run it safely; the installation manual and the support data where you will have to go in case of doubts or problems in the installation.

We remind you that this browser will allow you to open the application of the Platform management tool and access the envelope configuration, but we recommend that other actions, such as opening envelopes or documentation requirements in companies, they are made from the specific URL .

To access other web addresses, you can do so through the usual browsers you work with.

How to access through the portable browser ?:

Once the pscp.exe file has been downloaded, you will need to save it locally (it is not possible to run it from network drives).

Double-click on the executable and the main access page to the PSCP management tool will open, from which you will have to identify yourself with a digital certificate (for the validator functionalities) or with the user and EACAT password for editor functionality.

Please note that the EACAT username and password expire. If the credentials with this access method are not recognized, you will need to access the EACAT platform to update them in advance.

Once the identification has been made, the management tool is accessed with the corresponding user permissions.

Technical requirements:

This temporary contingency solution, required until the implementation of the new PSCP management tool, can be used with W10 operating system.

Your computer's antivirus may ask you to add a security exception to access the tool. In this regard, some examples of the screens that must be followed to carry out this action with the messages of some specific antivirus identified in the piloting process have been added to the portable browser installation manual .