In order to register a user with the PSCP, the contracting authority administrator must follow the steps below:

  1. Access the PSCP from EACAT by choosing the body to which you want to register the user

and when choosing the profile you must select the profile "Contracting body administrator".

  1. Once you have identified the PSCP as the administrator of the entity you want to register the user with, you must access the "User Management" tab:


3.Then click on the "New user" option (blue link on the right of the screen).

A screen will appear here informing the user data,

  1. Once informed, click on the "add another profile" option (blue link below the basic user data) in order to define the user's roles.

 A window will open to assign validator or editor profiles (the administrator profile cannot be assigned by the administrator himself):

  1. Once the profile (or profiles) have been assigned, click "OK" and then the window will disappear and click the "save" button at the top right of the user data.

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