Access to the Platform's Publications Manager by the local recruitment body and universities is carried out from the EACAT platform ("Applications" tab). Therefore, to access the tool, it is necessary for the user to be registered with EACAT. Otherwise, you must contact your institution's EACAT manager to enable access to EACAT.


On the next screen, you can access using the username/password of EACAT or with a qualified digital certificate. In the case of the public administration worker certificate issued by the AOC Consortium it can be a T-CAT or a T-CAT P. The digital certificate is essential for the user with the role of validator in order to carry out the publication functions of the documentation that must be viewed from the contractor profile.


In the event that this identification cannot be overcome and an error appears, you will need to contact the organ administrator of your organization in order to review the permissions associated with the PSCP.

If the authentication is successful, you must select the contraction body or profile with which you want to access the publication manager: