In order to make the modification, you must be identified in PSCP with a digital certificate and validator role . The file openings have a special treatment to allow them to be edited and published at different times without having to make an amendment.

In the case of setting the dates of files enabled for the submission of proposals using the eLicita e-tendering tools, this should not be done through an amendment to the tender notice . It is necessary to modify and Save the date of opening of applications in the eLicita. This action will automatically publish an amendment to the contractor's profile, which is identified with the image of an envelope and the reason for the amendment "Opening of envelopes", as shown in the screenshot below:

The date of opening of envelopes in the settings of digital envelopes can be changed as many times as necessary. If the envelopes have already been opened, the envelope opening date must not be changed because the opened envelope documentation can be accessed through the opening tool.

Date of opening in the Publications Manager of open files:

The opening date field in the Publications Manager in files with an open procedure and in which it has been selected as a tool for electronic submission of digital or telematic offers, although the field Opening date is mandatory only can report through access to the eLicita configuration.

In the case of the telematic offer as the system has a default configuration, if you do not want to edit the default configuration, you only need to access eLicita and Save without the need to do any other action.


In the event that the opening date is From the deadline for submission of offers or this +24h you will not see any date reflected in the tool box of the Publications Manager. Only if a specific opening date (dd/mm/yy) is configured, this will be reflected in the box in the image below.