The Public Procurement Services Platform (PSCP) is configured as a unique and complete portal for the dissemination of information on contractual activity and contractor profiles of the Generalitat's contracting bodies, of the entities that make up the Administration local in Catalonia, of the public universities of Catalonia and of the bodies of the respective public sectors. This Platform is integrated with the e-bidding tools that are differentiated below.

These two e-Procurement tools are made available to Catalonia's procurement bodies, who can use them by activating the corresponding tool in the Public Procurement Services Platform management tool. In the case of the local world and universities, the activation of these tools is automatic with registration in PSCP.

  • Online submission of bids : allows the submission of bids that do not require bid envelopes (a single criterion for awarding the file).
  • Digital Envelope 2.0 (enveloped solution): constitutes an enveloped e-tendering solution for the submission and opening of tenders electronically (this option solves the configuration of separate tenders in different envelopes (more than one criterion of award)

The activation of these functionalities in a certain file is configured by defining one of the options below in the basic data tab of the file in PSCP. To consult the details of the operation of the two functionalities, access the Electronic Tenders Support Portal .

Note : if you publish tender announcements in the Contractor's Profile and enable a proposal submission channel in procurement files by electronic means, other than these two functionalities, you do not have to activate these and you should check the Publications Manager the fourth option available so that they are not enabled in your hiring profile.


The fourth option "Does not support" remains in the tool for the procedures that must allow the submission of offers not by telematic means according to the exceptions regulated in the regulations and which you can select through the drop-down incorporated in the field.