On 1/02/2024 the DOUE application for publishing announcements changed to eNotices2, which manages new forms (eForms).

As a result of this change and the need to move new fields with respect to publications in DOUE, also in the State's "Public Sector Procurement Platform" (PLACSP), the TED Identifier field has been added to the PSCP the publication data in the DOUE.

This field validates the TED UUID code that can be found on the new DOUE forms as indicated below:

In the PDF of the ad:

In the XML of the Advertisement:

Advertisements prior to the format change applied by the DOUE to its forms, should be able to be migrated to the new version in order to obtain this related identifier.

However, support for the creation and/or migration of advertisements does not correspond to the AOC Consortium and in case of doubts or incidents regarding the use of this application (eNotices2), you will need to contact the support corresponding to it. You can find more information about this application at: https://ted.europa.eu/es and https://enotices.ted.europa.eu/changeLanguage?language=es .