The publication of contracts based on a Framework Agreement and specific contracts of a Dynamic Acquisition System in the PSCP obligates the field “Reference Framework Agreement/Dynamic Reference System” to be reported from the selection of a list of these that are published and valid on the Platform that allows you to find them based on different criteria such as the file number.

The Framework Agreements or Dynamic Systems will appear in the list, taking into account the following criteria:

  • A framework agreement is considered valid if, at the time of the search, it is between the start and end date of execution of any of the lots, including the extension. The extension taken into account in PSCP is the one published through the execution phase and not through the bulletin board.
  • A Dynamic Procurement System is considered valid if it has not ended its term of duration, which coincides with the deadline for the submission of offers.

During a transitory period of six months, the list will also show, in red, framework agreements that are not in force.

In the event that, despite a Framework Agreement or Dynamic Procurement System being published in the PSCP, it does not appear in the list, for example, because it has not been marked as a Framework Agreement or Dynamic Procurement System or because the extension does not has been entered correctly, it is necessary to contact the contracting body responsible for the Framework Agreement or the Dynamic System, so that it makes the appropriate modifications to correct these inaccuracies, so that the tool incorporates the Framework Agreement or the System listed.

In the event that a Framework Agreement and Dynamic Procurement System is not published in the PSCP, for example, because it has been published in the Public Sector Contracting Platform of the State, you must notify us through a request for support.