The Public Procurement Services Platform is a service developed by the Technical Secretariat of the Public Procurement Consultative Board that the AOC makes available to local bodies and public universities in Catalonia.

It is set up as a single and complete portal for the dissemination of information on contractual activity and contractor profiles of all contracting bodies in Catalonia.

It includes services aimed at contracting authorities and citizens. These entities that request it can also make use of the eLICITA (Digital and Telematic Envelope) tools that allow the configuration of electronic tenders, as well as the reception of offers and the management of requirements for bidders.

The main objectives of the platform are the following:

  • Provide the contracting bodies of the Public Sector of Catalonia with a place for the publication of contractual information, with guarantees of compliance with the applicable regulations, in a secure manner and with legal effects.
  • Offer citizens and businesses a central point of access to public procurement information in Catalonia.
  • Facilitate companies' access to the presentation of bids in the Catalan Public Sector tenders through the eLICITA service.

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