When a local body or university is registered with the PSCP, the AOC assigns the role of Administrator of the body to the persons defined for that purpose in the corresponding registration form. Organ administrators are in charge of managing the additions, deletions and modifications of users (validators and editors), in addition they maintain and publish the general information of their organ.

For more information on the tasks of the administrator, it is recommended to consult the e-Procurement User Manual (PCSP) – Administrator.

To apply for a new administrator at the body, a new registration form must be submitted, which you will find at www.aoc.cat > Services > Platform for public procurement services > How to apply? You must send the following duly completed form to the AOC through the EACAT, specifically in the section "Procedures" lender "AOC Consortium", procedure "AOC Services Request". The form must be signed electronically by the secretary of the institution.

Through the same data registration/modification form, it is possible to request the deregistration of previous organ administrators.