In order to inform the DIR3 code of your entity in the registration request form on the Public Procurement Services Platform, you can consult the Common Directory of Organic Units .

Any queries related to DIR3 or FACe organizations should address:
– DIR3: https://ssweb.seap.minhap.es/ayuda/faq/DIR/77
– FACe: https://ssweb.seap.minhap.es/ayuda/faq/DIR/79

If you want to process the registration of DIR3 codes, consult the information you will find here

If the organization is not required to have a DIR3 code, you can leave the field on the form blank.

In the event that it is obtained after registration to the e-Contractio services, you can communicate the DIR3 code to be incorporated into the tools, by opening a contact form at our Customer Service Center.