An annulment can be made when a file is in the Tender Announcement, Award and Formalization phase and has already been published on the Contract Portal, that is to say:

  • The editing phase is Tender Announcement, Award and Formalization.
  • The status of the phase is Published
  • The date and time of publication on the profile has arrived, and therefore the announcement/award/formalization is visible on the Portal

In the Publications Manager, the cancellation is treated as another phase of the file, which can be carried out from the Actions button:


The result of a cancellation is the publication on the Contracting Portal of the cancellation data in the corresponding file. All published cancellations are identified in the contractor profile.

Depending on the type of cancellation chosen, different fields can be filled in.


Note : Cancellation is a final stage in the PSCP. For this reason it cannot be reversed. In the event that a file is canceled by mistake, a new virtual bidding space can only be created starting from the corresponding phase (following the last one that was published in the previous file) and referencing the first one using the remarks or a notice on the board of the newly created tender.

Canceling the file does not imply that it will no longer be visible on the Contractor's Profile, but will remain in a specific section of publications.