When a phase is passed to the "In publication" state, but the time indicated on the publication date on the profile has not arrived and therefore the publication is not visible on the Portal, the "Cancel publication" option is displayed, which returns the phase to the "Pending to publish" state. It is not possible to cancel a publication visible on the Portal.


When a phase is in "Published" status and is already visible on the Platform, the publication cannot be cancelled. In this situation, the options to cancel the file and amend are shown, which are explained in the corresponding sections linked below.

It can happen, that if you keep the detail page fixed for a while and the moment of publication arrives, the option of "Cancel publication" will continue to be shown because the page has not been updated during this time. If in this situation the button "Cancel tender" is selected, a message will be given warning that it is not possible because the ad has already been published and the page will be refreshed, hiding this option.

If a phase is published and an error is detected in the data entered, this option avoids having to make an amendment if the phase is not published and visible. This option is only available to the validating user.