A bidding slot can only be deleted if it has no published phases.

Once a phase is published (and even if the publication is not visible on the Platform) it is no longer allowed to delete a file. The publication can only be canceled if the scheduled publication time has not yet arrived (with the Validador role). However, the file of the private party cannot be deleted.

Also, the documents published in the phases already visible in the contractor's profile cannot be deleted. A document published in error can only be replaced through an amendment of the phase. The initial document will also be visible in the initial version of the publication.

It is only possible to make a document inaccessible to the contractor profile in which it erroneously contains personal or confidential data, as long as and when the correct document has previously been published through an amendment, or from the dashboard file announcements (in the event that the phase containing the document to be deleted can no longer be amended). If this is the case, it will be necessary to inform the specific document that incorporates the sensitive data, through a support request, so that it is assessed whether the technical intervention necessary to make the document inaccessible is justified.